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China Europe train import and export transportation

In response to the national land Silk Road strategy, China trade Express Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. provides professional railway transportation services for China Europe import and export enterprises.


1. Arrival service of whole container station

2. Arrival of LCL station

3. Double clearance tax to the door


1. Whole cabinet business

2. LCL of bulk cargo (temporarily limited to self operated collection outlets)


1. The cost of railway transportation is 1 / 4 of that of air transportation and 1 / 3 of that of sea transportation

2. Convenient customs declaration, electronic data declaration, customs declaration completed before the railway train departure.

3. Send out regular trains every week.

4. The whole process GPS tracking, the whole process can query the cargo dynamic.

5. The goods can be picked up at home all over the country.

Main China Europe trains:

1. Chengdu - Nuremberg, Germany, Tilburg, the Netherlands, Roz / Mara, Poland, duel, France, Moscow, Russia

2. Chongqing Duisburg, Germany, Mara, Poland

3. Zhengzhou - Hamburg, Munich, Duisburg, MALA / Warsaw, Budapest, Hungary, Prague, Paris, Italy, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Brest, Russia

4. Wuhan - Hamburg, Duisburg, Munich, Mara, Poznan, Lyon, France

5. Xi'an - Hamburg, Duisburg, Mala, Poland

6. Changsha -- Hamburg, Duisburg, Germany, Mala, Minsk, Belarus, Budapest, Hungary

7. Xiamen - Moscow, Russia, Hamburg, Germany, Poznan, Poland

8. Yiwu -- Madrid, Spain

9. Shilong, Guangzhou - five Central Asian countries

10. Station arrival time: 13-18 days

Transportable countries

European countries, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Turkey.

Transportable range: the whole Asia Europe region.

China trade express logistics double clearance tax to door special line

1. Double clearance tax to the door, can be connected to private address, business address and FBA warehouse / overseas warehouse, destinations include Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Britain, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia , Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian.

2. It can be connected with high value and anti-dumping products, such as unlicensed electric skateboard, balance car, bicycle remote control aircraft, automatic sweeper, set-top box, camera, vehicle display screen, precision instrument, tablet computer, etc.

3. It can be extracted 18-22 days after departure.


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